Are we fair trade?

We don't use the fair trade stamp for sourcing our baskets. I am confident my suppliers who are weavers themselves, use ethical means in service and supply. They moved south from village communities of the Bolgatanga region to the city of Accra in order to generate economical growth and demand. Their chain of supply is efficient and reliable. 

What materials are the baskets made of?

All baskets are handmade with mature elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum) of the Bolgatanga region. The dyes used are derived from plants and minerals. Slight variations in colour is perfectly normal and adds to their individuality and charm. Goat leather is used to create the double woven handles.

Who makes them?

The baskets are made by artisans  (men and women) in village communities of the Bolgatanga region including family members from that region living in Accra.

Why is my basket flattened and deformed on arrival?

Sometimes, it is necessary to flatten a basket for shipping purposes. This is easily resolved by following our simple instructions on reshaping your basket.

How do I reshape my basket?

Follow our Care of Basket page instructions.