About Us

"Akwaaba" as they say in Ghana, means You Are Welcome.

It's a pleasure to 'welcome you' to 'BaskinAfrica', where you can explore our website to find your one-of-a-kind Ghananian basket. My name is Rosely and I have to admit that selecting one single basket when there is variety in style, versatility and colour is not as easy as you might think. It is easier and more fun to purchase two or more.

Ghanaians are skilled craftsmen and women who have developed and handed down through the generations, skills in creating stunning batik fabric, indigo dying, kente-cloth weaving, and basket weaving. Baskets are created from elephant grass (pennistum purpureum) from the northern region of Bolgatanga. The elephant grass is dyed with anzo-free dyes and moistened with water to weave. These handmade baskets are very durable and sometimes trimmed in goat leather.

Because the people from these isolated villages and neighbouring  communities in Bolgagtanga have no other source of income, they are dependent on sales for their next meal. Some family members moved to the cities in order to generate a stream of income. While living in Accra I met some of these family members. I am committed to providing opportunities to strengthen their independence and self-reliance.

A big shout out to my four daughters who are equally passionate and committed to supporting families' of the Bolgatanga region.

We would love to know what you think and value your suggestions, so take a look around.